Fruition Site version 2.0 (beta)

Congratulations, human - you are one of the first to gaze upon the beauty that is Fruitionstringband.com, version 2.0!!

After several months of changing, coding, programming and reprogramming, we are pleased to give you this highly interactive (and dead sexy) new site. Of course there may be bugs, so don't be afraid to vocalize any issues or comments you have regarding our new baby.

Endless thanks to our dear friend (and my sexiest house mate) Jon Hunsberger, for he has logged countless hours helping bring this project to life.

Also big big ups to Emily Yates, a huge motivator and inspiration to us, without whom we'd have no site, and wayyy less Bay Area fans.

So much love from all of us here at Fruition headquarters, to all of you out there on Earth.


website? internets? whaaa?

stay tuned... fruitionstringband.com is in the making.

photo courtesy of Brian Spady